"where is it from"/"I don't know we'd have to read that passage now wouldn't we?"

things have been too serious 

i had been squatting in my sorrow 

sipping up the artist goop 
tapping my spoon in its muck 
swirling it around 
wadding in the pool of thickened joy and absence of 

but somewhere along the way 
I was gifted a forever stay at home 
and sick in my luckiness and fortune of comfort 
a smile quickened across me 
sinkin' itself into skin 

like a limerick 
on my face. 

the sorrow was wiped away and tucked into emails and handed to me next to the forbidden cheese i can now eat in the pockets of my apartment with my partner and our air 

and next to it all the wittiness of the movies, of the old romance movies, and the late-night sessions of ketchup 


all over that homework pile. 

he told me that I was saved by a pandemic and the smile widening and my heart rattled like a rat in an ally in all seasons 

what a sickness i have to
wishing the worse 

but i could just show appreciation versus complaints 

but it's got to be woody. 

this is not a promotional poem** still researching the yesteryear ** 


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