eating orange in oaxaca

have you ever noticed how a tangerine hovers in its own skin

in its shell 

connected by webs 
holding it up delicately, feeding its inner self? 

why does this have to be dark? 
"so dark, you're so dark" 

when we eat we are left spitting 

& then it spits and stains my pants
playful messy 
making anxious loud. 

i play with fruit beds from my window frame
tip toe onto the balcony worried it'll crumble

may i meet the builder, tap, my toes ask
but i watch the the fruit beds 

looking up to the trees 
to the bats that circle by me watching me tremble 

if only i could ask them to catch me when this building crumbles 
                                                           when i fall into the sewer and bubble up and over the drain into the fruit beds 


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