A trip to Oaxaca: on the first plane

uncurling emotions 
marked by a nipple twitch on this stale plane 
where neighbors read about this nipple I just wrote 

now we have two and are missing the rest 



uncurling emotions 
this is what it means to 

the music paused. 
the coco cola is go


uncurling emotions 
this what I imagine this newfound 

“imagining my man” 
anything Aldous Harding 

a cold 

a plastic tray 
a pool of peaches and others 

meet a meat slab on a cheese slab on a brioche bun, spiraled into actual croissant 
crossed saint 

a crisp kit         kat

hunched my spine pours me to my plate  


a feeling of almost sick 
to take a lysine 

chills, cooling chills. I want to cry. I want to cry. I want to cry and not talk about family. I want to not mention how my brother cried. how I spent twelve hours with my brother crying. 

a trip to oaxaca


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