Preface for my chapbook to come

Can soppy be funny and still be about my mother?
Can soppy be the moderator of my mind and my trauma and that other world of mother I don't quite know?

Can this non-gendered soppy be? Can soppy participate in the materialistic world of man? Well, at least not on her own.

Soppy is a triumphant figure wedged in the digital world of laptop. Capable of jealousy. He wishes to be trapped in forever ink. She wants to bleed out on comix pages. She can't have this of course as it'd be too revealing.

A comix might share too much... for soppy would be placed in a dialogue between me, my mother, the mother-me, and the non-existent her-I. Could you imagine how embarrassing that would be?

the liberty that soppy begs for...!!

But if you can believe it...I love soppy for they are always near. A type away. A digital edit awaiting to happen. Soppy is my translation, my misunderstanding. Soppy is the moments of humor embedded, she is the figures around the text, she is the spoken appearing only as final outputs. She is the remnants of a process only seen within soppy world, soppy realm. This world is always, so he says, in flux.

Please sop world, hold onto the traces of her movements as she changes and becomes the final smudge on the page.

~~ this chapbook is dedicated to soppy.  ~~


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