I am a first-generation student floundering in an education system that is built for the wealthy. I was accepted into a four-year bachelor program to pursue a degree in biology and utilize my newly gained knowledge to go on and pursue medical school where I would then learn how to deliver additional humans into this already crowded mess.  
The smidge of an issue was that I hated studying. I hated memorizing random facts without the ability see their projected use in the future. Anyways, to waste your time explaining my drifting away from the “hard” sciences would simply be a waste of limb power as I type. You see it’s not that there’s anything wrong with selecting a biology degree. The issue lies in expecting the entire age groupings of 17 and 18-year-olds to be sure of their careers, and to trust that this system will welcoming pull them along the way.
Perhaps it is just me. Perhaps I, yes me, am the single wedge between the working gears of this functioning institution that will leave me in muck. I hope whatever is wedged between the gears can fall and roll on its own demonstrating to the world how college is a choice suitable for some, while the absence of it is acceptable for all.


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