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I'm having a hard time writing this. my lips were not dry but they could have been. in my mind, after that nightmare I just had, everything was an uncomfortable combo of dry and wet and overflowing moisture. I grabbed the cherry lip gloss and delicately coated the crumbles, perfect. then I layered on the vitamin e lotion onto my hands floated them into the kitchen and squeezed their puss bodies into the pink kitchen cleaning soap rubbing these disinfect protect my hands gloves. And as I dumped the white beans their overnight water friend poured through the strainer and my chunks of vitamin E my followed. The sink was white but chunky and I wanted to laugh hysterically because I had been transported to the eleventh grade where I was so hormonally aware of all of the likes. Why had she stopped liking things. I never post but she stopped noticing me, as if I wasn't confused enough about my sexuality. This is not about that, however, and nervous that my hands would dry I started t…

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